Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post

No one likes to be told “no” or face failure, yet everyone has and Arianna Huffington is no exception. Sure she’s the “queen of the blogosphere,” a best-selling author and sought-after pundit by the Anderson Coopers of the world. But how did the Greek media mogul go from heartbreak and losing California’s gubernatorial race to Arnold Schwarzenegger to spearheading the leading political blogging website, The, and becoming one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People?

Savvy Miss caught up with Arianna to talk about her journey, life’s ups and downs and her views on becoming fearless.

Savvy Miss: What inspired you to get into media and politics?
Arianna Huffington: I’ve always been engaged by the issues of the day and loved the magic of people’s minds moved—and their opinions changed—by the power of words. So writing, public speaking and politics were a logical extension of that passion. The journey has been challenging—and incredibly satisfying and fulfilling.

“Fear is universal. It touches us all—but clearly doesn’t stop everyone.”
- Arianna Huffington

SM: Early in your career, you seemed pretty successful following your passion in England. Why the move to the U.S.?
Huffington: Heartbreak. The first great love of my life was Bernard Levin, a brilliant British journalist I fell in love with before I ever met him, through his writing. But after seven years together it was clear that we wanted different things. I wanted to have children. He wanted to have cats. The end of the relationship tapped into my deepest fears of being alone and was so devastating it caused me to move from England to America in an effort to put him behind me.