Candace Bushnell, Sex & the City, Lipstick Jungle

Most celebrated for introducing the world to Carrie Bradshaw and the women of Sex & the City,Candace Bushnell went from making $10K a year to the NY Times bestseller list and continues to influence pop culture with her latest novel, Lipstick Jungle. While preparing to speak at the University of Southern Carolina (Columbia), Ms. Bushnell took a break to chat with Savvy Miss about her tumultuous-turned-triumphant career as a writer.  

SM: What actions did you first take to become a writer?
Candace Bushnell: When I was little, my sisters and I weren't really allowed to watch TV, so I grew up writing little screenplays and stories. I don't think that my parents actually believed that one could support oneself as a writer. It was like a little artistic hobby that one did. When I went to college [Rice University, Houston], I took all writing courses and I majored in writing, then I kind of ran away and went to NYU where I was enrolled in a special program for people who knew what they wanted to do. [At NYU] I did internships and really started writing professionally at 19 or 20.