While winter-wear is practical, our turtlenecks, sweaters and boots dont usually make us feel as sexy as our summer tanks. To find out how to conquer this winter dilemma we talked with Finola Hughes, host of the Style Networks hit show How Do I Look?

Here are her eight tips to look and feel great this winter.

1. The Right Sweater.
To get the most figure flattering look this season, Finola recommends a deep V-neck sweater or a slinky cardigan over a sexy cami. This will show off your figure and keep you warm. If its extra chilly, wrap a scarf around your exposed neck. Finola suggests staying away from crewneck sweaters because they seem more functional and less sexy.

2. Go Vibrant.
This winter season, feel free to break all the color rules. Grey and greige (grey/beige) are great popped with bright fuchsia, acid green, red, plum and kelly green. Winter white is also one of Finolas favorites, which can be worn with gold or black.

3. Belts, Belts and More Belts.
When it comes to accessories that can really show off your figure, belts are your best bet. A belt around a long, sleek sweater or cardigan really works wonders, says Finola. And when it comes down to it, wide, narrow, elastic, colored, patent leather, buckled, sequined, jeweled, western you cant go wrong!