Feel good in a bra, look good in a bra

Most of us have been wearing the same old bra since high school, but there was never a class between trigonometry and PE that taught us how to properly wear and maintain our undergarments. Having the right bra, that’s kept in good condition, can actually give you unimaginable self-confidence and make your chest (no matter what size) look its best. Here are our top tips to feel and look good in your bra.

Get fit.
Many of us don’t understand the significance of a bra fitting. Tape measures, although handy when sizing-up floor space, don’t accurately measure your cup size. Katrice Brewster, bra expert at the premier Intimacy Boutiques recommends visiting a specialty store where the employees are trained to make recommendations on your breast tissue and body shape to give you a better overall bra fit.

Maureen Stabnau, CEO of Bare Necessities.com, suggests getting re-measured every six months. “You may not have gained a lot of weight, but, sad to say, your body does shift.” Birth control, pregnancy and exercise can also affect your breast shape. “We have many customers that come into our stores and say, ‘I’ve been wearing this size bra since I was eighteen years old.’ And I think, oh, no wonder your bra doesn’t fit you,” Stabnau jokes.

Pay attention to the band.
The actual band of a bra provides 90% of the support. So when your band is loose, your bra won’t be able to do its job. “Unsightly back fat is a result of the bra riding up the back because it is too loose,” says Susan, spokeswoman for Intimacy Boutiques. She recommends going down a back size and making the back of the bra level with the front, so it’s a straight line across the body. To test if your band is perfectly tight, Stabnau recommends putting the bra on and then pulling down your straps. If the bra slides down, it’s a sign you need a smaller size.