Rotate your bras.
You wouldn’t wear the same shoes everyday, so why is it okay to wear the same bra a few days in a row? “You should be rotating a minimum of five to seven bras, so that your basics don’t get worn out and the lace doesn’t ruin,” advises Brewster. So, start building a “bra wardrobe.” And then, Katrice adds, “When you’ve worked the back clip in from the loosest hook to the tightest hook, you’ve basically gotten the life out of the bra.”

Taking it off.
Have you ever yanked your bra over your head without unhooking it when you’re in a rush to change or unchange? Well, you’re doing it wrong. To properly take off your bra, Susan advises you to first unfasten the bra hooks and then slide it down and around the body. Quick motions and tugging will create unnecessary wear.

Take good care.
The best way to make your bra last longer is to wash it in cold water with a lingerie detergent. “In regular detergent the chemicals are harsher, so they will break down the elasticity faster than if you use a lingerie or gentle wash,” explains Stabnau. Susan also says that hot dryers cook the synthetic materials and shrink channeling for under wires, causing the wires to pop out. To properly dry your bra, lay it flat and, if it has a molded cup, smooth out the molding with your hand.

Susan says: When you want your bra to give you…

Sexy cleavage: The best way to get a sexy cleavage effect is to focus attention on inner breast fullness with a plunge bra properly sized for support and lift. Don’t attempt a bra that’s too small and pushes your breasts together or you’ll end up with “The Uni-Boob Effect.”

Support: When your breasts spill over the top of your bra you lose a lot of support and it creates a “Double Boob Effect.” Susan recommends moving up a cup size or, if you want to be a little flashier, selecting a balcony or ¾-cup bra style in a larger size.