It’s hard to say goodbye to summer and all of the roof deck parties, barbecues, and long days spent reading books on sandy beaches. But by the time October rolls around we can no longer deny a new season is upon us. And here at SavvyMiss we happen to be very excited about two particular changes that accompany fall; turning leaves and fantastic fashion!

Scarves, mittens, jeans, comfy sweaters, ah, how we all love fall fashion. And though many of us are a little sad that our freshly painted toes will no longer be shown off in strappy sandals we’re also relieved that our blistered feet will get a much deserved break with boots.

In the history of boots there was a time when most of us savvy women were forced to choose between stylish and comfortable. Thankfully the genius designers have heard our cries and finally combined the two. One company in particular, Timberland. (I should know I have four pairs!)

Last year I bought two pairs of Timberland boots in October and since it was a colder than usual spring I ended up wearing them through March. I wore them with skirts, jeans, to fancy outings and to run errands, all the while feeling confident and my feet had never been so happy. This year my love for Timberland boots has only grown with Timberland Earthkeepers. Cute, sexy, stylish, comfortable… Oh, did I mention they’re totally affordable too. Yep, it only gets better!

This fall while we’re walking through fields picking apples, strutting through city streets, and steadily climbing up corporate ladders enjoy all the turning leaves and fantastic fashion and breathe easy knowing your feet (and wallet) can be in a constant state of comfort without missing a stylish beat!

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Disclosure: Compensation and free Timberland product were provided by Timberland® via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Timberland®