Choose your design. Not everything that is fashionable is appropriate for every figure. Pick outfits that are comfortable and at the same time enhance your silhouette.

Be aware of your age. Contrary to popular belief, dressing like a teenager when youíre in your thirties does not make you look younger. Dressing according to your age will make you more attractive if you pay attention to details like color, fabric, and style.

Pay attention to the inside. It doesnít matter how stunning you might look, if you carry around the extra baggage of unforgiveness, resentment, envy, prejudice and hatred, they will show up in your interactions with others. Be sure to spend some time every day in quiet reflection on how to become a better woman and how you can empower other women to do the same.

Dinorah Blackman-Williams has taught at different levels for over 16 years. She lives in Panama with her husband and their daughter, Imani. Dinorah is currently finishing her second book. Her first book can be previewed and purchased at

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