10 Tips for a good day, how to have a good day

Waking up full of energy and going to bed with a smileóthatís what weíre talking about. Can we have those days every day? Why not! Here are 10 things you can do to make every day a good day.

1. Take a few moments for yourself each morning.
Instead of waking up at the very last minute before you rush off to work, set your alarm at least 15 minutes earlier, lay in bed and visualize what you want to accomplish for the day. Take hold of the day; donít let it get a hold of you.

2. Eat breakfast.
A muffin, banana, oatmeal and a cup of (green) tea will make any day start out fresh and nourished, and compel you to eat well to stay feeling that way throughout the day. We donít have control over everything in our days, but we always have control over what we choose to put in our bodies.

3. Exercise.
Biking, walking, dancing, running, anything that makes you break out in a sweat is key. Not only does it energize you, but youíll feel like youíre working self-disciplineóyouíll be a master of yourself.

Photo Credit: © iStock/Chris Schmidt 4. Laugh.
Pop in your favorite season of Sex & the City and get a laugh from Samanthaís crazy escapades. Who cares if youíve seen them for the hundredth time? They still have you rolliní!

5. Get one annoying thing done.
No one wants to clean out the fridge or compile monthly work reports. But then again, not getting these things done will make your fridge smell crappy, you look crappy in front of your boss and you feel crappy in the end. Suck it up, get that annoying thing done and then bask in the sense of initiative and accomplishment. Itís worth it.