Everyone loves an opportunity to ďstart overĒ and the New Year is the perfect time to do so. But sometimes when February hits, weíre back to where we started. So take a deep breath and relax (Tip #5) because here are some ways to help keep your resolutions, and tips to make this the best year of your life.

Be Good to Yourself.
Tip #1 for a great new year is to start out with a positive attitude. Although itís easy to be hard on yourself for the things you didnít accomplish last year, thinking in this negative way will just make it that much harder to get stuff done in the New Year. Say affirmations, and make sure to compliment yourself on all the things that make you special.

Pen to Paper.
Itís one thing to say you are going to learn a new language. Itís another thing to actually put it down on paper. Get a journal and write down exactly what you want to accomplish this year. The act of writing forces you to make your goals real and visible. Keep your journal by your bedside and review it before you go to bed and each morning before you get up. Revisiting your goals will keep them at the forefront of your mind and make them easier to accomplish.

Share Goals with Friends.
The third tip for a great new year is to be accountable for your goals and resolutions. Invite your close friends over for an intimate dinner. Use the time to talk with them about what you want to accomplish over the year. Telling your goals to other people will hold you accountable and make it much harder to back out.

Take The High Road.
The past is the past for a reason. Start the year off by forgiving someone in your life. Most likely he or she means more to you than the argument ever did, so start fresh and go out of the way to be the bigger person.