Nailing a job interview, job interview skills

After weeks, maybe months, of submitting resumes, following up and hearing, “We’re just not hiring right now,” landing an interview can make you feel as good as, well, landing the job. But the road doesn’t end there and that’s precisely when the nerves start to set in. The idea of your potential employer sizing up how well you’ll mesh with the company, let alone your confidence, can be quite intimidating. How are you supposed to wow your potential employer with your fabulous self in 20 minutes or less? Follow these ten tips and your phone will be ringing off the hook as they follow up with you.

10 Tips for Nailing a Job Interview

1. Be polite, organized and enthusiastic.

2. Plan job interviews around your prospect’s schedule, rather than your own. (Try and give yourself enough time to study the company thoroughly in advance, but be flexible.) And never turn down a job interview because you have a class that day, are meeting with a personal trainer or because it’s your day to pick up the kids.

3. Do your homework. Research the company thoroughly (even if you already know absolutely everything about it).

4. Ask contacts for the inside scoop on the company and, if possible, about the personality of your interviewer.

5. Smile at your prospect and shake his or her hand. The gracious interviewee lands the job.

6. Avoid canned answers to questions. Take answers you’ve already prepared, change them around, play with them and really make them your own.

7. Nix slang words such as “like,” “gee,” “um” and “wow” from your interview spiel. Valley Girl-speak automatically subtracts, like, major IQ points.

8. Follow the news. There could be a story about the very company where you’re interviewing. Bringing it up will give you extra points for sure.