Beauty on a Budget Tip #3: Ride the competition.
As we all know, thereís plenty of competition out there when it comes to beauty services no matter where you reside. So what does that give us? Ammo. If you point out to a salon that the one around the corner charges only fifteen dollars for a pedicure, itís likely that they wonít charge you the twenty they initially quoted.    

Beauty on a Budget Tip #4: Find a professional without a home.
Finneyís acclaimed book, ďHow to Be a Budget Fashionista,Ē points out that you should opt for a hairstylist (or any beauty professional for that matter) who travels, but doesnít have a chair in a salon. The nomadic professional will usually be cheaper because he or she does not have to pay for a chair rental. Whatís more, they can come to your home or office and save you gas money.  

Beauty on a Budget Tip #5: School for thought.
Beauty schools are a hidden secret of the Beauty Budget strategist. You should consider the more temporary or no-potential-for-harm services such as manis, pedis and facials. Qualified instructors monitor students for the sake of upholding quality and reputation and you end up saving for the more expensive beauty services that provide permanent results. It is also safe to enlist a lead hairstylistís or coloristís long-term assistant because, as Finney asserts, ďThe assistant was probably working with that stylist for who-knows-how-long and they probably picked up several of their tricks.Ē