Beauty on a Budget Tip #6: Donít be afraid to ask.
Ask your salon or spa to put you on their mailing list to learn about any specials or discounts offered. Many salons and spas offer discounts if you get other, more expensive services done at the same time. Case in point: Some salons will throw in a free haircut if you book an expensive service like a straightening treatment. Finney suggests checking out for the best year-round beauty deals that various cities have to offer.

Beauty on a Budget Tip #7: Loyalty will be rewarded.
According to Finney, there are plenty of salons that offer frequent visitor rewards or point systems. If you get your nails done every week for a month, for instance, you can get the fifth one free. Also, if you pre-book all your appointments, that shows the kind of loyalty that some beauty professionals reward by taking a few dollars off.  

Beauty on a Budget Tip #8: Shout it out.
Referrals are not only a compliment to your beauty professional, but also to your pockets. Utilize your inner publicity skills to get the word out about your fabulous bikini waxer or hair colorist, especially if you have ďdiscoveredĒ him or her. You and a friend will likely get a percentage off your next visits.

Beauty on a Budget Tip #9: Pace yourself.
Instead of getting your eyebrows waxed every two weeks, try going once a month for shaping. In between monthly visits, be vigilant about stray hairs and pluck them as soon as they come in to maintain clean-looking brows. During the cooler months, scrimp on leg waxes and shave instead (if you have to) because no one can see your legs under your stockings or pants. Not only will this save you money, but, according to Finney, itís healthier for you too: ďIf you wax too much, you will start to irritate your skin.Ē