There’s nothing more exciting than opening the mailbox, finding a check and going to the bank to make a deposit. Well actually, seeing it reflected in your account may be a tad more exciting. Even in this not-so-fantastic economy savvy women are still doing what we can to earn and save money. And where does that money go? Straight to the bank! Here are five savvy ways to make the most out of banking.

1. Get to know the employees at your bank
Knowing employees by first name is always going to work in your favor. This is why it’s helpful to visit the same branch. Next time you go to the bank take a moment and introduce yourself to the manager. Tell her how long you’ve been banking with them and how your experience has been so far. You’ll be surprised how helpful it can be in the future to know people on a first name basis. Especially if the ATM machine accidentally eats a check before you complete the deposit and you have to have a bank employee open the ATM and search for your check. Take it from us, they’ll do it with much more of a smile if they know you!

2. Savings, Savings, Savings
We all know to put 10-20% of earnings into our savings accounts but in this economy it’s more important than ever to pay attention to your savings. This year make it a point to try your best to have at least four months of living expenses in your account in case you run into an emergency. Skip that morning coffee for a few weeks, sell some of those clothes you don’t wear anymore anyway. Do what you can to try to have four months of living expenses always in that savings account.

3. Speak up
If you’re hit with an unexpected overdraft fee or charge for an account talk to your banker. Banks actually want us to have as much money as possible in our accounts so don’t be afraid to talk to them about unexpected charges – you may be pleasantly surprised at how easily they may reverse them.

4. Chat online
Even when good music is playing on the line no one likes to be put on hold. If you need to talk to someone at your bank and can’t be there in person you may be surprised at how easy it is to chat with a representative through website assistance.

5. Get the most out of your Bank
There’s an episode of Friends where Phoebe looks at her bank statement and finds extra money was accidentally deposited into her account. When she informs the bank of their mistake they let her keep the money (for her inconvenience) and also give her a free football phone. Well, chances are those of us in real life may not be so lucky as to receive free money but there’s a lot our banks are willing to give. Whether you have a 401K, IRA, checking or savings account or credit card, find out how you can get the most out of your banking experience. You may find you can get a fee waived or interest on a credit card lowered with a simple phone call. Always be savvy when it comes to banking and get in the know. It’s easier than you think!

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