Managing money with your significant other is difficult enough. Donít burden your relationship with half-truths that can make it even harder. Make sure these five money myths arenít keeping you apart.

1.    The partner who earns more, knows more.
Your earnings are only a measure of how much you earn right now, period. They donít represent your negotiation skills, job skills, investing skills or just plain common sense. The partner with more intuitive skills can more easily sense a bad investment than the one with a high income but a faulty BS detector. Respect your partnerís contribution of knowledge and insight to your teamóregardless of his or her financial contribution at the moment.

2.    Pennies make millions.
A penny-pinching partner may starve the essence and spirit of her partner, instead of encouraging him or her to achieve their full potentialóeconomic and otherwise. Monitoring day-to-day spending is fine, but donít keep your partner from pursuing dreams because of temporary financial risks. Concentrate on your partnerís long-term potential. If you restrict him or her from achieving their best, they will always resent you for it and the costs will far exceed pennies.

3.    We have to agree on everything.
Some couples think that any disagreement is a deep and permanent conflict that will destroy the relationship. If he likes to spend and you like to save, or vice versa, this does not mean the end of the relationship. Agree to disagree on small matters and compromise on the large ones. Remember, if two people agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary.

4.    We canít enjoy the present because we have to save for the future.
An intelligent savings plan includes some enjoyment in the present. You donít have to go on an expensive vacation or spend lots of money on weekend entertainment, if that is outside of your budget. You do, however, have to reserve some time (and some funds) for enjoying yourselves right now. If you donít nurture your relationship with some pleasures now, you might not have a future together.