4. Dont be afraid to say no thanks. There are times when our intuition tells us no, no, no and our lips go yes, yes, yes. Its usually when were emotionally involved with the person making the request. If someone makes you feel guilty about not doing what they think is a great idea, hold your ground. You can always say something like, Its not that Im saying its a bad idea, Im only saying I dont feel comfortable going in that direction at this time. You dont even have to give a reason. And say no thanks as many times as you have to until the person gets the message.

5. Spend only cash for one week. Professor Tahira Hira, a researcher from Iowa State University, claims that most people have no idea how much they spend in a week or a month because they charge so many of their purchases. If you have to pay cash for everything you buy youre more likely to think twice before letting the money slip between your fingers.

6. Set spending limits before holidays or gift giving events. Tell people that you feel blessed to have so much and ask that their gift to you be a donation to a charitable cause or simply a nice lunch. Let people know you are going to do the same. If they choose not to honor your request, so be it. But resist the urge to make up for it at a later time.

7. Get educated. One of the main reasons why women dont invest as often as men is because they lack the knowledge necessary to feel comfortable doing so. The only way to overcome this fear is to become educated. Knowledge is powerparticularly when it comes to money.

Most importantly, remember that being rich isnt a dollar figure; its the ability to live your life the way you choose, free from concerns about money!