7 - Wait for your moment to explode and escape.
If youíve been attacked and are pinned on the ground, be temporarily complacent. In order for him to hit you, or for a sexual assault to take place, he will have to let go of you somewhere. When he does, use your free arm or leg to hit, gouge, kick or scratch as hard and as fast as you can. If been youíve tossed onto your stomach, try to get your arms and hands under your chest; this will give you leverage and ensure that you can breathe. In this same position, try to bend a leg to the side and rest on your hip; in an unsuspecting moment, you can kick the bent leg straight back and smash his groin.

The most important factor in fending off an attacker is determination. Do not underestimate the strength of your body or your mind in these tense situations. Learn these self-defense tips and remember: Itís not the size of the girl in the fightóitís the size of the fight in the girl.

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