Single Life
25 Universal Truths About Men
Most of the time, itís smart to stay away from making generalizations about ďthe unfamiliar.Ē But sometimes thereís truth in these statements and men can certainly... Read Now
holidays and relationship Do the Holidays Equal Relationship Doom?
Yes, it's that time of year again. Thanksgiving kicks off the annual relationship freeze which lasts through the New Year. Much like government wage freezes that... Read Now
Single Life: How to Celebrate Your Single Self Celebrate Your Single Self!
Once upon a time, being single between the months of November and February could make a gal feel like a social misfit. Thank goodness times have changed!     How... Read Now
Top 10 Things Every Single Gal Must Experience
The other day my girlfriend called up to regale me with yet another of her single and fabulous stories. This one involved cocktails, a hot tub and a couple of sexy... Read Now
Five Reasons Why Summer Is a Single Galís Best Season
So youíre single this summeróso what? Thereís no better time of year to be on your own, so celebrate your status and make the most of the season with our list. Read Now

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