Top 10 Reasons Women Date Jailbirds

You spend your Mondays watching Prison Break, drooling over Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, thinking “What can I do to get me one of those?” In your heart you know that dating a guy in jail is nothing like the hot and heavy romances so often experienced in TV slammers. You know most prisoners aren’t really innocent victims in need of a little tender loving care. And anyone can see that orange does nothing for a guy’s complexion.

Yet women pursue relationships with convicts all the time. Insane, you might think? Pathetic? Probably. But what could it possibly be about these special “long distance” relationships that appeal to some women?

We have no idea, so we took 10 guesses:

10. Locked up is better than on the loose.
There’s none of that, “Where were you last night?” or “So you like the intern at your office better than me?” or “Why are you staring at that girl? You think her butt is perkier than mine, don’t you?” Tall walls and armed guards mean he’s totally devoted to you.

9. Nothing like a prison project!
Some women say they like bad boys because they can change them—you know, give him a new attitude, a new conscience, maybe even a makeover. If your guy’s incarcerated, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But then again, there’s nowhere to go but up.

8. Jailbirds come in flocks.
Out in the free world, if your relationship falls apart it can take months to find a replacement beau. If you’re into prisoners, there’s plenty to go around. And you know exactly where to find them. Of course, if you don’t want to cause any riots you should probably find a guy at another location.

7. Your mailbox is always full.
If it weren’t for prisoner-groupie relationships, the epistolary-style would be a lost art. While the rest of us deal with the daily disappointing trip to the mailbox (great, more bills), those who date men in prison receive long, romantic letters.