“It’s so hard to find a decent guy when you’re single.” “Being with the same person can get so monotonous.” Sound familiar? It seems like no matter our relationship status we always wish we were on the other side. In order to find out once and for all who has it better we asked you what it’s really like to be single or in a relationship and you did not disappoint. Here’s what you had to say about your sex lives, careers and whether you think you’ll find (or are with) “the one.”

Who Has the Better Sex Life?
Let’s get right to the good stuff: is it better to have wild, new, unpredictable single sex or regular, comfortable, reliable couple sex?

First is quantity, who’s having more? Couples win this round: 56% say they have sex a few times a week (with 8% having it every day!), but poor singles—53% say they’re hardly getting any.

But, who cares about quantity if the quality isn’t orgasmic. So just how good is the sex? Since 25% of couples say they follow a strict routine when they have sex, and 27% of singles are hooking up with different people, singles are back in the game and win our vote for the wild-factor.

And finally, since much of sex is all in our minds anyway, who really is happier with what they’re getting? 55% of couples are satisfied with their sex lives but only 12% of singles are.

And the winner is: Couples. Seems like we prefer regularity over spontaneity, or maybe that routine the couples have is just that good.

Who’s Saving More Cash?
Couples may have a steady date-night partner (62% go out at least once a week), but the singles aren’t exactly sitting at home night after night. 9% are out with new people every week and 50% have been on three to ten dates in the past year. It’s tough to tell who’s having more fun out on the town—although 53% of singles say dating is fun—but we can tell you who is opening their wallet when the bill comes.