Summer really is the best time of year to be single. The sun is shining, youíre looking nice and tan and everyone is outside mingling. So whether youíre just getting over a break up or have been on your own for awhile, remind yourself how great it can be to not be attached at the hip to someone else with this list of the top five reasons itís better to be single this summer:

No. 5: Less body-heat in bed.
Now, in winter it can be nice to have a warm body to snuggle up to, but in summer itís just a recipe for a sweaty mess. Be glad that you have your cool clean sheets to yourselfóitís so much easier to keep fresh without air conditioning when thereís not another person radiating body heat in the bed with you.

No. 4: There are more daylight hours to do what you want.
Itís such a great feeling when itís still light as youíre leaving work. Take advantage of this by trying something new. It could be a new sport or hobby (maybe something extreme like surfing or repelling) or a language or photography class (capture that gorgeous summer sunset) or even just the bar that recently opened down the street. Thereís no reason to rush home, especially if your apartment is reaching sauna temperatures, so linger outdoors and try out your adventurous side.

No. 3: You can laugh at couples on the beach.
Trust me; itís much better to head to the shore solo or with friends than on a date, mostly because you can freely laugh at those couples who were foolish enough to attempt this. Not sure what to look for? Start by noticing the couples snoozing on their towels. Cuddling is nice in bed, but it leaves some very interesting tan lines when sheís got a hand-print on her belly and heís got a foot-shaped white blotch on his leg. You can also spot the new couples by how much theyíre trying to suck in their stomachs and hide their problem areas. Chuckle to yourself (or with your girlfriends) and be glad your only concern is keeping sand out of your suit.