How to stay single tip #3 Quit man hunting.
When an animal begins to go extinct, the first thing the government does to protect the species is to ban the hunting of that creature, giving them time to replenish their herd. Therefore, if a good man is getting too hard to find, think WWDNRD (What Would the Department of Natural Resources Do?) and simply stop hunting. Go on a tour of a nunnery. Take a belly dancing class. Frequent the library. Rediscover your love for American Girl dolls. Stop stalking your next kill and close man-hunting season. Sometimes the best Friday night is you, a glass of wine and "War and Peace."

How to stay single tip #4 Don't bury the hatchet—carry the hatchet.
After being told that some men might find her goal-oriented personality a turn-off, my 20-year-old sister snapped, "Their loss!" There is no sense in pretending to be something you’re not just because you're afraid men won't like it. This is not to say that you should make yourself generally unpleasant to be around, but if you have sharp edges, don't dull them just to make a man happy. If your plans for world domination get in the way of your boyfriend's plan for babies, lose the boy—not the plans.

How to stay single tip #5 Quit your job and find a career.
After listening to a co-worker ramble on all day about how much she hated her job, I suggested she quit and try something she liked better. She shook her head and said, "I don't want a career. I just want a job until I get married." Her logic? To sit miserably at a job she hated, doing menial tasks until she could find someone to slip a ring on her finger, at which point she’d continue with the menial tasks at home, except for free. My logic? Get a job you like—now! Even if your priority is to get hitched, why be miserable in the meantime?