(Score each question from 1-4 in the following manner):

  1. Not at all
  2. Sometimes
  3. Often
  4. All the time

1.    Does work consume most of his thoughts in and out of the office?
2.    How good is his relationship with his boss?
3.    How good is his relationship with peers and clients?
4.    How many “meaningful” challenges must he face every day?
5.    If he never came into the office again, how good would he feel?
6.    How often does he dream of doing other work?
7.    How important is the money he makes, or other rewards?
8.    How important is the status provided?
9.    How open and honest can he be every day?
10.    If he could do anything at all he wanted, how likely is it he would be doing the job he is doing? How much does he dream of doing creative work?

11.    Is he stable and balanced regardless of the outcomes he faces every day?
12.    Does he feel he serves all of humanity in the work he does?
13.    How much is his work a means of attaining more and more power?
14.    How high are the stakes he is facing? How close to being life and death?
15.    How much danger must he face in the work he does?
16.    How much does he need to have authority over others?
17.    How much of himself does he share with others at work?
18.    How meaningful does he find his work in the larger picture?
19.    How close is the work he is doing to his ultimate dream?
20.    How much does this work provide glamour and charisma?