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Is it too much to ask that we end up with someone interesting? Not some average Joe accountant or lawyer, but someone exciting, sexy and fantasy-worthy? Of course not. Thatís why we women shun the ordinary and wait for our dream man to come along. Hereís our list of the top 10 men women fantasize about. We only have ourselves to blame for ditching the average Joe when one of these men comes knocking.

Photo Credit: © iStock/Joshua Blake No. 10: The pirate
Watching Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp got you thinking, ooh la la? Well strap your peg leg on for some pirate loving. You should probably put aside concerns for things like hygiene, scurvy and seasickness, but if you like adventure thereís nothing like clinging to a hammock below deck with an all-male crew of murderers and thieves.

No. 9: The movie star
Itís perfect because you already have something in common: you love him and he loves him, what more do you need? You can talk about how great he was in his last movie, how he nailed that audition, how much better looking he is than his co-star, the possibilities are endless!

Photo Credit: © iStock/Gina Luck No. 8: The cowboy
You know the saying ďSave a horse, ride a cowboy?Ē This guyís got rustic charm all wrapped up in his cowboy hat, dusty flannel and wad of chewing tobacco in his lip. Calm down, itís menthol-flavored and he brought a spit-cup, no big deal.