5. You spend lots of time together—but fight during most of it.
If your neighbors are complaining about the near-constant yelling from your apartment, or you’ve been giving him the silent treatment for so long you don’t even remember why you started, then you’ve been fighting way too much. Every couple fights; if they didn’t they’d never get to experience make-up sex. But if you spend more time fighting than not, then you have a real problem. Couples therapy might help, but if neither of you wants to go then the only other way to end the fighting is to end the relationship.

6. He’s showing signs that he’s cheating on you…red-flag raising behavior.
You’ve noticed him coming home late, making up lame excuses about where he’s been, and ducking out of the room to take certain calls. You probably already know it but don’t want to admit it—he’s cheating on you.

7. You hate all his friends.
Are his friends all annoying jerks (at least to you)? While it’s true that everyone has one or two friends that are “special” (read: obnoxious), if all of his friends drive you nuts and he’s known them forever, odds are that situation will not go away. And if he’s surrounded by a group of idiots—well guess what—he’s probably one too.

8. You’re both reluctant to make future plans.
You ask if he wants to take a vacation this summer and he changes the subject. So you try something easier and ask if he’ll come to your friend’s party next month and he mumbles something about possibly working that night. Talk to him before jumping to conclusions, but if he’s unwilling to commit to anything in the future, it can mean serious trouble for your relationship because it may mean that he doesn’t think you’ll be together much longer. On the flip side, when you daydream about the future, is he there? If you can’t imagine a future with him, not even a fantasy one, then why are you with him?