fake relationship

There’s nothing like a new romance. It’s as if you’ve attained access to a parallel universe that you suspected was there but didn’t know how to enter.

It’s kind of terrifying when you stop and think about it. What if you’re wrong about him, about you, about the whole thing? Could it be that your judgment has been skewed by his fabulous brown eyes or by the desire to—at last, once and for all—really love and be loved by someone wonderful? Or is this simply a craving not to spend one more Saturday night alone?

Well, all of those things are possible. But the Inner Bitch Way to Intimacy helps you know what kind of relationship you really want to have and, perhaps even more important, the kind you don’t want to have.

“Romances” to Avoid

The two week wonder.
What are Two Week Wonders? They are those amusement park rides from hell that masquerade as the beginnings of a romance. You know, the whirlwind kind popularized in movies, where the hero and the heroine take one look at one another and BLAMMO! They’re in love.

Two Week Wonders can be fun. Sort of like a House of Horrors is fun at Halloween. But the usual course of these encounters resembles something more akin to a natural disaster. The wind starts to blow a little harder, your heart begins to pump a little faster and the next thing you know pieces of your world are flying through the air like projected missiles. And the whole time, you’re wondering why you’re doing this.

Raging hormones.
Okay, it happens. The current dry spell puts the Sahara to shame and suddenly a likely partner appears. Or an unlikely partner appears and it’s been so long your initial reaction is something like: “Oh, the hell with it!”

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with indulging yourself (remember to practice safe sex), just so long as you don’t talk yourself into thinking “This is The One.” This is not The One, this is just one who is serving a very particular purpose.