And the winner is: Couples. By a hair (63% to 43%), we’ll have to give couples the edge on this, since it is still possible to have alone time with a partner, but it’s pretty much impossible to have couple-time when you’re alone.

Who’s got the Brighter Future?
Either way, most of our respondents were pretty optimistic of the future. Many singles feel their perfect match is right around the corner (40%) and most couples think they’ve already found “the one” (39%). But who is really happier?

Almost half (48%) of singles say they wish they were in a relationship about half of the time, while only 4% of couples wish they were single. 10% of singles are perfectly happy on their own, and 43% of couples couldn’t be happier with their mate. It seems the grass looks a little greener on the couples’ side …

… Until we asked about settling. 28% of couples feel that they’ve settled to some degree in their relationship and 55% of singles say they know someone who is settling.

And the winner is: Singles. We’re giving singles this category mainly for their optimism and the amount of possibilities open to them. While many couples may have met their match, singles could potentially meet theirs at any time, no settling required.

After five grueling categories, it seems that the couples win when it comes to sex and how they spend their downtime, and singles win with regards to money, work and their options for the future. It’s tough to declare a concrete winner—if you value sex and regular “date nights” then coupledom is probably for you, but on the other hand if moving up the corporate ladder and having time to search for your perfect mate sounds appealing then the single life is the way to go. This debate could continue on forever, but in the end, as long as you’re happy with your situation then it really doesn’t matter if someone else has it better or not, right?