how to tell if it's like or love

You went to dinner and made out during the movie. He took you bowling and you invited him over for a home-cooked meal. He likes you and you like him. Fast forward a couple of months and you're no longer sure which word best describes what you two share. "Like" just doesn't seem to cut it. Could the word that fits best possibly Who better to tell us than dating expert Ian Kerner.
Dear Ian,
Iím dating this guy and Iím not sure if I just like him, or if Iím potentially starting to, you know, uh, love him?

Thereís no easy answer, but try taking the Dr. Ian ďLove Test.Ē

Is he taking on special meaning?
Once we start liking someone, we begin to see that personís unique qualities. Sure, he started out as just another spin on the dating treadmill, but now the others start to pale in comparison to him. Thereís something, well, different about him. He's funnier, more intelligent, more sensitive than the rest of them. In short, heís becoming special to you.

Is he commanding more of your attention?
When we start to like someone, we spend a lot more time thinking about that person. We start to neglect family, friends and work. You check your answering machine, you wait for his emails, you wonder if somethingís wrong with AOL. You find yourself thinking more and more about your times together, the little details like what he ordered to drink and the color of the shirt he wore on your last date. Random things and odd events start to remind you of him. Yup, itís true. Heís got your attention.

Are you wearing rose-colored glasses?
When we like someone, we tend to aggrandize them: to make a lot out of the little things, to push aside their faults and to even see those faults as being cute or funny. We see their good qualities through a magnifying glass. Our friends often donít get what we see in that person, but it doesnít matter, because we do. Ask yourself, are you seeing this guy in a way that makes your friends think youíve swallowed a batch of hallucinogens? If so, itís time to get a new pair of glasses.