In the fast-paced world of wedding planning, stress levels are high, immune systems are low, and over the course of the past 20 years, brides have transmitted what has become a bridal epidemic of our time.

The number of victims has steadily increased; and to date, there is no cure. It’s been dubbed various clinical names: Multiple Personality Disorder, Schizophrenia, Temporary Insanity. But in the world of matrimony, to anyone who’s been exposed—fiancés, family, friends, and victims themselves—this broadening illness has been commonly termed “Bridezilla Syndrome” or “BS.”

A contagious condition, BS has become more prominent and has plagued today’s busy, wedding-planning woman. In a preliminary study, the disease has spread at an alarming rate. Symptoms of victims of BS—better known as Bridezillas—include reoccurring mood spells, bouts with selfishness, signs of controlling behavior and feelings of meticulousness. Unfortunately fiancés, bridal party members, friends and family eventually fall victim to the actions and attitudes of a Bridezilla.

Research suggests that symptoms are recognized most often by the fiancé and Maid of Honor, and are completely undetectable by the actual victim. In some cases, a bridal party member, having had too much alcohol to drink, confronted the Bridezilla. Most often, an emotional breakdown of the Bridezilla would follow, thus intensifying her condition. In a survey of 100 Maids of Honor, an alarming 85% said they avoided confrontation with the victim for fear it would only exasperate the illness.

So we must ask the underlying questions: Where is all the BS coming from? How does one know when she’s full of it?