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What Your Sex Dreams Are Trying To Tell You
Research into dreams shows they often contain clues to what makes us happy or stressed. Look at the symbols many women share, and see if they match your dreams. Read Now
Naughty and Nice Ways to Spice Up Routine Sex Naughty and Nice Ideas to Spice up Routine Sex
You love your partner. You love sex. But sometimes even the most passionate couples can fall into a sexual routine. If you’re looking to make sex a little less... Read Now
how to boost your sexual confidence How to Boost Your Sexual Confidence
We’ve all seen her, a woman whose face and body would never grace the cover of a fashion magazine, yet all eyes follow her when she enters a room. She walks with a... Read Now
How Normal Is Your Orgasm?
    Obviously an orgasm can never be classified as bad, but if you’re curious about how yours compares with the average experience, check out these sex facts:Length... Read Now
sexual positions, the best sexual position for the female orgasm, cowgirl position The Best Sexual Position for Women
There's no better sexual position for the female orgasm than cowgirl or woman-on-top. Read Now

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Sex advice and sexual health advice, tips for great sex – Savvy Miss is a website for women offering free sex advice and sexual health tips for women. Improve your sex life and relationships with our simple tips for great sex and the insights to the best sexual positions here at Savvy Miss. 

Our articles will help you find the best sexual positions for your orgasm and provide tips for a healthy, happy, and great sex life. Sex advice and topics include:

  •     The best sexual positions for your orgasm
  •     Ways to boost your sexual confidence
  •     What your sex dreams are telling you
  •     What he thinks about during sex
  •     Tips for great sex

Get the best in free sex advice from our experts. Find out what women just like you are thinking about and talking about in our discussion forums in regards to sex.  

While on our site, please check out our other related sections such as relationship advice and health advice for women.

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