So you’ve mastered giving head without gagging – you go, girl! But now what? Since when it comes to oral sex sometimes you have to give something good in order to receive something better, pleasure Coach Dr. Sadie Allison, proclaimed the “Penis Genius,” shares her top eight oral sex tips and tricks to help our inner vixens spice things up. No doubt he’ll be on HIS knees with these!

I’m about to show you enticing oral sex techniques for you to take only as far as you please. You don’t have to “deep throat” him. You don’t have to taste his come. And you certainly don’t have to swallow – although you just might like it after all. When it comes to giving great oral sex simply pick and choose what tickles your fancy, and advance from there.

Start oral sex off with the The Classic Blowjob then try one of these variations as your springboard to wild improvisations. Which of these will become your one Golden Technique to finish him off?

Tip Top.
Slide the tip of your wet tongue all around his head, peehole and V-spot. Work your tongue into every crevice and skin fold till he’s taut and hard.
Tea Bagging.
Many men simply love this oral sex technique. Let your tongue roam down beyond his shaft and onto his balls. Tap them lightly with your tongue, increasing the intensity. Now gently fill your mouth with one (or both!) of them.