sex habits

We’re a lot more open about sex than we were, say, thirty years ago, but there are still some questions most of us are too embarrassed to ask. Well, we ignored those inhibitions (for your sake, of course) and went ahead and grilled our readers for the intimate details of their sex lives. Intrigued? Of course you are. Read on to see how your sex habits compare with your fellow Savvy Misses’.

You lost your virginity
44%—After you were legal
29%—Before you could vote
23%—Before you could drive a car
4%—Haven’t lost it yet

For protection, you use
52%—Birth control pills, patches or rings
2%—Sponge or spermicide
Many of you are doubling or even tripling up on your protection, but we found that 3% of you are only using prayer. We’d love to know how that’s working out.

Here’s how many partners you’ve had
8%—21 or more

You orgasm during sex
63%—Sometimes, depends on your mood and the position
17%—Every time—you’re like Samantha on Sex and the City: “When [you] RSVP to a party, [you] make sure to come.”
20%—It hasn’t happened yet
For the 20% that have never orgasmed, you need to read our article on how to do it. This just makes us want to cry.

This brings you to orgasm best
32%—Masturbating (men—look out and listen up!)
31%—Oral sex
25%—Being on top (cowgirl)
12%—Sex missionary style
There was no clear winner in this category; it seems like every woman has a different way to reach orgasm. But, hey, as long as we get there, who cares?