Sex sells. It sells beer and it sells books. And it definitely sells women's magazines.

Welcome to the post-feminist era where women don't just want to be equal in the workplace. They want to be the best, and that superwoman complex, that competitive edge, spills over into other parts of their lives as well—in the gym, at the mall ("Can you believe I found this pair of Prada pumps for only $50?!") and definitely in the bedroom.

We buy the magazines, we order the books, we read the advice of sexperts and everyday men, hoping to gather advice and tips to add to our bag of tricks so that when guys talk (and we know how they loooooove to talk), you'll be the one who knocked their socks off, making their buddies green with envy; so that YOU are the one they think of when the words "sex goddess" are uttered.

So what exactly is it that men love? While that crazy wheelbarrow-to-doggie-style-to-reverse-cowgirl combination may look great when Jenna Jameson does it, it might not make his Top 10 Sexiest Moments. Technique may get you kudos, but blowing a man's, uh, mind may be simpler than you think. Here are a few things he’ll never forget you for doing:

Take control.
It's a long-known strategy for guys to use reverse psychology to get a girl in the sack. The best way to guarantee a lay? Insist it's not going to happen.

When women do it, it can be coy or coercing, playful or powerful. And sexperts insist that setting the boundaries of an intercourse-less night can be much hotter than you’d think. Remember foreplay? That thing you used to do before sex? How about an entire night of it? No running for the finish line, just enjoying the journey.

Have fun.
Flirty is fun. And a woman who’s having fun is almost always sexy. While men may be over childhood playground games, bedroom games (and grown-up toys) are a whole other story.