Forget Monopoly (yawn!) and Scrabble (unless you make it Strip Scrabble). Buy a board game from a sex shop and see if you can … finish. With a little creativity, you can turn everyday games into something much steamier.

One of the gals in Patty Brisben’s, founder and CEO of Pure Romance, Inc., office turned the waiting game into an actual game by making a scavenger hunt for her honey, leaving come-hither clues, along with "accessories" for the night's festivities (massage oil, a candle, etc.).

Build anticipation.
Men are visual creatures, so flashing a little skin may be all it takes to get him hot under the collar. And in our drive-thru, “I want it now” society, a little delayed gratification can lead to one hell of an “I can’t wait to rip your clothes off” session once you two are finally in the same room.

“It’s so easy to leave a very provocative message or take a picture of yourself sitting in some sexy lingerie or whatever you want to put on,” Brisben says. “Just text and say, ‘This is what’s waiting for you.’”

Slutty doesn't equal sexy.
While you may be capable of porn-worthy performances, guys are quick to point out that sexy doesn't always mean slutty. Innocence definitely has a certain appeal. So don’t assume that you’ve always got to be comparable to Carmen Electra or Pam Anderson.

After getting great oral sex, Robert Hill rhetorically asked his girl: Where did you learn how to do that? "She whispered in my ear: 'HBO.' I thought it was cute, funny and, best of all, added to her innocence. Honestly, no guy wants to know who 'taught' a girl," he says.

Do the unexpected.
There's a time and place for everything, some say. But when you decide to get down and dirty at conventionally inappropriate times and places, that's when great sex becomes memorable sex.