You fought, you cried and you swore you never wanted to see him again. But now that he’s admitting he’s sorry, a strong desire to rip his clothes off starts to arise. In fact, soon you’ll wish he’d stop talking, so you can finish making up under the covers. We all know the “how’s” of makeup sex that rocks. Let The Miss fill you in on the “why’s”:

1. It’s like you’re having sex for the first time.
“After I scream and yell — and even use profanities — 10 minutes later I can't wait to smell, kiss and make love,” admits Carrol, who has been married for nine years. “After all the screaming [is over], I often fall in love with him again! Makeup sex has the same excitement and adventure as that ‘beginning sex’ when you first meet!”

2. It’s the one time you’ll get him to cuddle.
“[During make-up sex], you can be more vulnerable and open,” says Dr. Diana Kirschner, sex therapist, psychologist, love coach and star of Love in 90 Days Boot Camp. “When you’re intimate like that, you’re likely to have a wonderful, strong orgasm, which releases Oxytocin, the cuddle or bonding hormone that creates a physiological bonding mechanism.”

3. Making him grovel is sexy.
Anne Marie says she was ready to end her relationship after a huge brawl. “When he came over, he was soft-spoken and apologetic; it was such a turn on. I liked leading him on to see how far he was willing to go for absolute forgiveness, and it became very sexual,” she confesses.

4. For once, you can be a tiger in the bedroom.
While many men won’t admit it, they love to be bullied in the bedroom. “Makeup sex gives women the opportunity to be really aggressive sexually, which is a nice escape for those people who aren’t that way in their ‘everyday’ sex life,” says Logan Levkoff, a New York-based sexologist.