Beauty on a budget, look beautiful on a budget

Let’s face it: It’s expensive being a woman. We absolutely love our frequent mani/pedi trips, rewarding (but painful) waxing sessions, rejuvenating facials and expensive haircuts that can reinvent us in a mere visit. They make us feel “put together” and confident. Unfortunately, these beauty services come at a price and, as we all know, there’s nothing cute and “put together” about having perfectly manicured nails while having sorry numbers (if any) to show for our net worth. So how can you look beautiful on a budget?

First, you need to get rid of the notion that looking fabulous and increasing your net worth are mutually exclusive. Many of us feel we have to pick one over the other when we can actually enjoy both. How, you ask? By incorporating a Beauty Budget into your lifestyle. On average, you should keep this budget at about five-percent or less of your net income (after-tax income, that is).

Once determined, you need to know how to best maximize what you’re working with. With help from renowned budget fashionista Kathryn Finney, we set out to uncover the ten best Beauty Budget strategies to keep us in line with our finances and those must-have beauty treatments—and make our mothers proud.

Beauty on a Budget Tip #1: Prioritize.
“Things that are permanent that take a while to deal with, those are the types of things you want to focus your money on,” says Finney. Essentially, you don’t want to cut corners on things like hair, which takes a while to grow back. Taking your chances on an inexperienced hairstylist or eyebrow shaper just because she or he is cheap may leave you looking cheap.

Beauty on a Budget Tip #2: Timing is everything.
As Finney explains, “To really save money, you want to go to a salon during the off-time, which is often Tuesdays and Wednesdays, since hardly anyone is there. Salons usually offer discounts at 10 to 15 % on those days just to get people in the door.”