tips for beautiful skin

Whether you live in Laguna Beach or Louisville, your skin is bound to get weathered over the winter months. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Tina Alster and St. Ives consulting dermatologist Dr. Marsha Gordon share their tips for beautiful skin.

Tip #1. Want Beautiful Skin? Avoid Exfoliating!
Even if youre dying to get rid of dry, flaky skin, Dr. Alster suggests slowing down your exfoliating routine. You may be making the problem worse by removing what few natural oils are left in your skin. She says its simply better to moisturize and to leave the exfoliating to only once a month, which actually mimics the skins natural exfoliation process.

Tip #2. Combat Windburn.
The minute you step outside on a blustery day, youre going to have to battle windburn. The best way to avoid the pain (and look) of chapped skin is to cover up. Dr. Alster recommends first applying a heavier-than-normal moisturizer with petroleum to moisturize the skin, as well as to protect it from the wind. Then, both doctors agree you must cover your face with a scarf, or some other kind of shield. If windburn does occur, Alster recommends applying a soothing balm overnight, and by morning, you should show improvement.

Tip #3. Dont Skip the Sunscreen.
Although you may be tempted to leave your house sans sunscreen, it is just as necessary to apply it in the winter as in the summer to keep your skin beautiful. Merely walking outside two to three minutes is enough to start the process that causes skin damage, says Dr. Gordon. And even though the burning UVB rays may not be in abundance in the winter, Dr. Alster notes that the aging UVA rays are still in full force!