Itís time to shape up Ė your eyebrows, that is! Eyebrows are the most underappreciated feature of your face, but they have the power to dramatically improve your look and enhance your natural beauty if groomed properly. Pioneer of eyebrow design Eliza Petrescu gives us the lowdown on getting gorgeous brows. 

1. Go Pro.
We all love the DIY mentality, but Eliza strongly advises to seek a pro if you want your correct eyebrow shape. The major mistake women do is over pluck, specifically above the nose. ďYour eyes will look smaller, your nose bigger, and youíll have no arch. Itís so important to know that everything is a balance, and part of that is doing your eyebrows right,Ē she says.

While itís recommended to get them done every four to six weeks, Eliza says you may go three or four times a year even, as long as you go to a professional.

2. Wax Away
Waxing is the best way to go and is all about creating a Ďlook,í whereas tweezing is just pulling hairs, Eliza points out.  But donít forget tip #1: turn to a pro! You can tweeze for maintenance as long as you donít disrupt the arch. Make sure to pull them in the direction they grow. She also strongly suggests to NEVER tweeze the top of your eyebrow. Hair here is fuzz that needs to be professionally waxed.  

Whatís the worst way to get eyebrows done? According to Eliza, itís threading and any other type of permanent hair removal. ďThatís a no, no, no. Never do permanent hair removal on your eyebrow because what you want at 20, you may not want when youíre 40. Once you do permanent hair removal, youíre never going to have your eyebrow back,Ē she says.