When people hear the word Botox they usually think of wrinkles or the costly botox prices but they recently found better ways to utilize botox to help with everyday ailments such as migraines and feet comfort. Stiletto-tarsal: the sound of the word alone conjures images of pain and discomfort, and rightly so. It's the new term doctors have coined for the excruciating pain many women experience in the balls, or metatarsals, of their feet due to an overzealous, years long relationship with under-supportive stiletto heels. The constant pressure causes the soft tissue in the balls of the feet to wear out, decreasing the available padding, and, thus, comfort when attempting to teeter around looking terrific. But with the height of heels climbing each year, what's a girl to do to battle this condition? Surprisingly, the answer lies in trusty old botulism.

Doctors have found that by injecting Botox into the balls of the feet allows for a loss of sensation in the metatarsals and helps to plump the area, adding more cushioning. But before you head to your trusted doctor to have Botox administered to your feet you might want to check the different cosmetic surgery prices and profiles of the medical practitioner that wound handle it.  Reports of satisfied customers laud absolutely no pain when sliding into those stilettos and standing up tall.

Though it may seem a bit extreme to turn to injections to fit and flit around in your favorite sling backs, many women have found themselves weighing the cost to benefit ratio in other areas of their body for years. Botox has been used to control and reverse the signs of aging not only on many a Hollywood starlet's visage but also, more and more commonly, that of the neighbor next door. Using it beyond beauty certainly isn't a new idea either. In addition to cosmetic augmentation, Botox has also been used to control migraine headaches, muscle twitches and prevent excessive sweating, particularly in the hands and feet. Luckily, this may just be the icing on the cake and an added bonus for those using Botox to fluff up their feet. No more foot sweating, no more odor and no more sliding through the front of those slippery sandals.