Women's Well-Being, Four Easy Ways to Relax Your Mind

Some people practice their golf swing, lines for a play, recitals, and many other things. There are many things I too practice but one thing I practice even more consistently is energy management.

So what exactly is energy management? In this case, itís not managing coal or natural gas reserves, itís about how we manage ourselves during times of stress and anxiety; when our energy isnít grounded, and our thinking scattered; when our minds are too full of everyday stuff to think clearly.

The secret to dealing with these times are through employing a selection of energy management techniques that have worked exceptionally well for me and which Iíd now like to share with you.

The first energy management technique is to learn to be in the present moment.

This is the foundation for all other energy management techniques. Be in the present moment and youíll balance energies of thoughts scattered in the past and future which rob us of the many wonderful experiences to be had in the here and now.

To begin, find a comfortable spot to sit and do nothing except become aware of the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out.

* Using your five senses, focus and notice what is happening inside and outside your body.

* Became aware of the sounds you hear, e.g. people, traffic, music, inside your body, and anything else that is around you.

* Become aware of colors around you, of your clothing, furniture, the seat youíre sitting on, the colors surrounding the windows and doors within your line of sight.

* Start massaging your palms and notice the lines in your palms, does your skin feel dry, smooth, or rough. Massage the tops of your hands.

When you have conversations with others, be there with them. Listen attentively; match their tone, speed, volume and pitch, also their breathing rate and if they smile, smile in return. People can sense when youíre not paying attention to them.