Release negativity How to Let go of negativity

Show of hands please: How many of us are tired of feeling negative? Sure, every so often its an excuse to indulge in a pity party but generally anger, fear, anxiety, stress, and doubt are all negative emotions and dont feel good. Over time stored negative emotions can potentially harm our bodies as well have us ostracized socially. Curious about the impact emotions have on our physical health we turned to Michelle Beaudry, board certified hypnotist, to explain some techniques we can all use to release negativity in our lives and restore our spirits.

How to Release Negativity and Live the Happy Life You've Dreamed of:

The past cannot be undone. What you can change is how you feel about it.

How Are You Going To Do It?
You're tired of being negative. You're ready to change. You need a plan. Read on, my friend, for this is the process of releasing negativity and restoring your spirit. Change is good.

Fear and Anger Are Killers.
Ask any doctor. The stress of feeling badly all the time can easily lead to medical disorders. Your body and mind are a continuum. In other words, although they are not exactly the same, a great overlap exists between your mind and body, uniting them. Relieve your mental stress and your body will be happier, too. It's time to unburden yourself of everything that has been blocking progress in your life by keeping you attached to an unhappy past.

Feeling Better Is a Process.
Negativity accumulates in our lives, in our souls, over time. The process of removing it optimally happens in layers. It's best to release as much of each stored negative emotion as you can during each successive attempt. And of course, you want a safe, private means of release that is as quiet and effective as possible. You can jettison all that old negativity easily and thoroughly by following simple instructions.