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We love happy hour (thatís why itís rarely contained in just an hour). But, on top of a slight office hangover the next morning, your weeknight festivities could have you waking up a little, shall we say, ďplumperĒ than you were yesterday.

Many of us donít realize how many happy hour calories weíre actually consuming. Once those high-calorie cocktails are in our inhibition goes down, cravings go up and we overload on the finger food ordered along with that second (or third!) margarita. Well, itís time for a wakeup call ladies: One Long Island Iced Tea has more calories than two Big Macs. Two! Yep, itís depressing news, but donít hole up in your apartment just yet. Instead, avoid packing on those pounds by ordering intelligently.

We broke down five popular happy hour cocktails and snacks and gave you similaróread: lower calorieóones to opt for instead. No one will even know that youíre watching your sexy figure. Because it just comes naturally, right?


Swap your Margarita for a glass of Sangria.
A restaurant-sized margaritaóin an eight-ounce cupócan have over 700 calories in it. Yes, itís our south-of-the-border favorite, but Sangria in a similar-sized glass only adds up to about 240 caloriesóa big improvement with that same exotic taste.

Swap your Long Island Iced Tea for a Rum and Diet Coke.
Long Island Iced Tea is another calorie bomb (who wouldíve thought?) weighing in at around 780 calories for a five- to six-ounce servingóthe average high ball glass used to serve these bad boys. Save over 600 calories and opt for a rum and diet with some lime and youíll still enjoy the same fruit and soda flavors.