what your hair, skin and nails say about your health,

Maybe you work out, eat healthy (most of the time) and stay up to date on all your doctor’s appointments. But in a world where our hurried docs are just as busy as we are, we’ve gotta be aware of our own bodies. From moles to nail fungus, there's a lot more going on with your hair, skin and nails than just looking good. Here’s what your hair, skin and nails may be telling you about your heath.


Excessive hair loss.
Even though some women will experience normal balding (you have your genetics to thank for that), abnormal balding—loosing over the average of 50-150 strands a day—can be a symptom of anything from a vitamin deficiency to a thyroid disorder. On top of finding more than usual in your shower drain, watch out for loss in specific patches on your head. “I was obsessive about dieting for about five years. One of the reasons I ended up seeking treatment was because my hair started coming out in chunks,” says Nicole Warrender, 24. “My doctor told me it was from a severe lack of nutrients.” (Another reason to avoid extreme diets.) But not to worry. Once diagnosed and treated, hair usually grows back.

Premature graying.
Feel a little too young for those silvery strands of hair you’ve been noticing? Maybe you are. But, first, check with your parents and see when they started to go gray because premature graying is yet another thing we can usually blame on them. If you find it can’t be chalked up to heredity, you could be suffering from anemia (a lack of iron), a thyroid imbalance, or a vitamin B12 deficiency—all things that can be determined from a few simple tests at the doctor’s office.