Feng shui has ideas and remedies that can help create more energy (aka money) to get your finances flowing again. Try these ideas to see if you can’t stimulate more prosperity!

What’s in your wallet?
Old scraps of paper, credit cards for accounts you closed two year ago or for accounts you never use? Toss them. And if your wallet is shot, invest in a new one. If you can, select a red wallet to really energize your finances. These are the most auspicious and excellent for generating more money.

Clean out old financial files.
Old energy keeps new energy from coming into your life. Do you have old financial information hanging around? If you are hanging on to credit card statements from five years ago, you are probably holding on to too much old financial energy. Usually, items older than five years are considered safe to toss. (Of course, you shouldn’t get rid of old IRS statements!) Use discretion when cleaning out your files and consult your accountant if you have questions.

Water, water, everywhere.
Well, not everywhere…only in certain places, really. Water equals money. No water, no money. Consider an aquarium in the north sector of your house, provided it isn’t a bathroom or bedroom. Don’t want an aquarium? Fine, put a painting or print of water, a waterfall, an ocean scene, a picture of turtles or fish; these are all fine representations of water.

Another good water option is to display sailing ships. Display the ships, either in paintings, prints or figures as sailing into the front door. Those that are not in rough seas are best. Sailing ships represented commerce and were often laden with all manner of precious cargo.