Go Our in Style without Breaking the Bank

Going out with friends—fun. But going out with friends and spending one fourth your paycheck—not so fun. If you’re trying to retain a social life, while still saving for, oh I don’t know, something like a vacation, use these ideas to have fun, the savvy way.

1. Bring Your Own Corkscrew. Find restaurants that don’t have corkage fees and bring your own wine to spice up a less-than-fancy dinner.

2. In With the Band. Many up-and-coming bands get their start playing at restaurants and coffee shops. So actually listen to your barista when they rave about the local jazz band—you may be in for a cheap treat, and when do you ever get to be that close to a live show?

3. Sweet Spa. Get inexpensive manis and pedis at the local cosmetology school. Not sure where your hairdresser learned her stuff? Then check out local beauty schools to find the one nearest you. Goldstarevents.com is also an easy (not to mention free) way to find the best local spa specials and deals for your city.

4. The Price is Right. If you’re in Los Angeles, check out TV show tapings—whether it’s a game show, or just your favorite sitcom (they always need people to do those cheesy laugh tracks). And hey, it’s like free theater.

5. Thrifty Movies. After movies have been in rotation for a while, they usually get shipped to “two dollar theaters,” which is great for you because you’ll be able to catch the movies you just missed on the big screen—the ones that all your friends can’t stop nagging you to go see.