tips to get rich, money-saving techniques

Many of you resolved to be more financially responsible this year (you told us in our Best of 2006 survey), so bravo for making such a responsible resolution! To help you stick with it, we collected some money-saving techniques from your fellow Savvy Misses. From life-changing to barely noticeable, these techniques are sure to leave you with at least one resolution accomplished. (We’re thinking it might take a little more effort to stop picking the wrong men.) Here's your tips and tricks to get rich.

Tips and tricks to get rich
•    “Get a library card.  Most libraries have DVD rentals and offer every magazine you could ever want—even the ones with must-know gossip.”

•    “I take advantage of the ten-day trial at gyms and then stop going just before they start charging me. It also works for the ‘three months free’ cable deals. Just make sure to cancel your account before they stick it to you.”

•    “I put water in my conditioner bottle and shake it to get every bit of the conditioner from the inside.”

•    “Take the free hotel notepads, pens and shampoos from your room. I never have to buy office supplies and one little shampoo bottle can last for at least a week.”

•    “Attend ‘how-to’ workshops at your local hardware store. This way you won’t have to hire a handy man to fix minor household problems. Plus, they’re usually free!”

•    “Use petroleum jelly to remove makeup—it works just the same as expensive removers.”

•    “Sell old clothes, purses, anything, on EBay. Getting a little money for it is better than nothing at all while it sits in your closet.”

•    “Have a clothes swap party