Tips to Become a Better Shopper and Save More, Shopping Tips for women

Did you know that you can find department store coupons online and that your AAA card can not only assist you on the road but also at the mall? Every woman deserves the confidence boost that comes with slipping into a new dress or strutting down the street in this season’s latest heels, but not all of us feel we can afford it. Here are tips to help you become a better shopper and take advantage of the many ways you can save.

Clipping coupons isn’t just for grandma.
Collecting coupons or discount codes before you hit the department stores or your favorite online retailer can save a lot of money. Here are some ways to get your hands on them.

  • Add your name to in-store mailing lists, or subscribe to free shopping clubs like the Insider Club at Loehmann’s. These mailing or e-mail lists will get you advanced notice of sales, as well as dollar-off and reward coupons.

  • Before buying online, use a search engine (enter the name of the store and “coupon” or “discount code”) to hunt for gift with purchases, free shipping and special offers.

  • Check the back of magazines for coupons or discount codes (Lucky and Domino offer many for clothes, makeup and home goods).

  • Some stores, like GAP, offer discounts for completing brief online surveys—rewarding participants with 10% off their next visit.

  • Check at a mall or outlet customer service kiosk to see if you can get coupon books or discounts with your AAA membership, union or student I.D. card. Barnes & Noble gives teachers a percentage off for books they can use in the classroom, while Pier 1 Imports gives students 10% off during back-to-school time.

And the savings keep coming, if you hold onto your receipt.
Many shoppers aren’t “in the know” about price adjustment and price matching policies at their favorite retailers. Many stores will offer a one-time price adjustment if you bring in a receipt within seven to 14 days of the original purchase date. So, if you buy a pair of boots and they go on sale the next week, you’d be refunded the difference, just by asking. This works especially well at chain stores, like Target, whose prices change weekly.