When it comes to money, why are women always underdogs? We’ve all heard the stats—that women make 76 cents for every dollar a man makes and that 41% of elderly women are living close to the poverty line.* They clearly show inequality, but does inequality always mean unfair? Are we being forced to play underdogs (or victims) or are we doing it to ourselves?

Not being a fan of victimhood, I thought I’d take a look into what we do, or don’t do, that leaves us on the sidelines of wealth. Here are the top money mistakes women tend to make—see if you’re guilty of any.

Money Mistake # 1: Not having “f@#k you” money.
I hate my job, but I just can’t afford to quit right now. It’s ridiculous how much we say and hear this. Instead of throwing a pity party, “Always have ‘FU’ money,” says Dr. Lois Frankel, author of Nice Girls Don't Get Rich . “How can you leave an awful job, an abusive marriage or some other bad situation if you have no money?” Save that emergency cash cushion and aim for three to six months of living expenses in the bank. You’ll also protect yourself and the financial world you’ve built so that no situation takes it all away from you, adds money coach and author of Make Money, Not Excuses Jean Chatzky. “There are not too many sure things in life, but saving is a sure thing and protecting yourself is a sure thing.”