Slumber parties were big in sixth grade, but by the time you hit high school, spending your nights telling ghost stories and watching Grease for the 100th time lost its cool. There were way more important things out there—like boys. But “Girls’ Night In” is coming back with help of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda, and this new wave is sure to rival your pre-pubescent parties. So grab some popcorn, put on Pretty in Pink and read on for some amusing ideas for your next “Girls’ Night In.”

Bringing Back the Board Game.
Although you’re probably not going to bring back any games designed for ages 6+, there are new ones now that are great for women. Test how well you remember your childhood—and “hair bands” with VH1’s I Love the 80s game, or see how much Friends trivia you’ve retained from your 10 years of loyalty to Joey and Chandler. And if you’re a Sex and the City aficionado, there’s a trivia game for you too. You can also go with outrageously interactive board games like Cranium or my personal favorite—Taboo, which guarantees laughter, rowdiness and embarrassing moments to be had by all.

Girl’s Night Inn.
Having a girls’ night in doesn’t mean you have stay in someone’s house or apartment. Take your “night in” to a hotel, order room service, rent the latest movie and unwind. Some hotels even bring their spa right to up to your room so you and your friends can get massages together, without having to break from your conversation. is a great source for group deals, and some hotels even have weekend spa specials.