how to stay single, single women

Everything from books to bras seem to be designed to help women cure that dreaded disease, "the singles." The only problem with this is the basic assumption that being single is a sickness.

According to the US Census, the average marrying age of women is 25 and rising. The truth is, women everywhere are bucking tradition and enjoying their single-life, focusing on careers and freedom instead of the timeworn hunt for a hubby. So, how does a women stay single in a "happily-wedded ever after" kind of world? I am so glad you asked.

How to stay single tip #1 Wear a bra.
Think about it, how often do you dress for success with the opposite sex and how often do you dress for yourself? Are you really wearing a mini skirt to the baseball game because you just love sitting in bleachers while your skirt rides up your thighs, or is it because you want to be a member of the “home run” club? Stop dressing for other people and dress for yourself: Comfortable is the new black.

How to stay single tip #2 Eat!
Recently, I visited a friend in Texas who took me out to get some good chicken fried steak. After I finished the whole meal, a middle-aged woman approached our table and informed me that good girls just don't eat like that and I should have taken my meal home in a doggie bag and finished it there. I thanked her for her advice and ordered dessert.

In our society of rampant obesity and eating disorders, women no longer eat at the table, we eat under the table. Eating has become a dirty little habit we are not supposed to indulge in and yet, nutritionists tell us that it is exactly this attitude that is at the root of our problems. We should enjoy our food and if eating a giant chilidog with mustard and onions keeps you single, then bring on the relish.