Ladies, I don’t need to tell you that men can be a bit sensitive about their bedroom prowess. We all like to think we’re kings of the castle, lords of the mountaintop. That’s why, when dealing with vibrators, guys can be a tad screwed up.

Every man is different, but some guys out there are scared to death of your little electric friend. Vibrators make them nervous. They make them feel inadequate. In short, these dudes have vibrating issues, my friends.

But before we talk about these self-conscious guys, let’s start with the good news: Some men actually love vibrators. They hail your pleasure gadgets as the greatest invention since sliced bread, happy hour and plasma TVs. To them, your vibrating pal is a godsend. Getting you to the big “O” can be challenging enough, they say. Why not get a little help?

“The vibrator does the work for you,” says Jim, 28, pointing out that taking you to the sexual summit is asking a lot from our various body parts. “Sometimes, physically, you can’t do jaw-wise what you want to do.”

Lovers of the vibrator are comfortable with their masculinity. They aren’t afraid that a machine will put them out of the lovemaking business. “Unless they have vibrators that are like jackhammers, I will never be intimidated,” says Frank, 27.

Besides, men should want their ladies doing some solo experimentation with a vibrator, says Shane, 33. “It’s good that a woman knows where the sweet spots are, so then she can steer the guy.”

In Shane’s humble opinion, too many women don’t know their own bodies and what it takes to make them orgasm. Some quality time alone with a vibrator could change that. It’s like the old joke: What does it take to get to Carnegie Hall? “Practice, practice, practice,” he says.

On the flip side of the vibrator divide are the men whose teeth chatter and boots quake at the thought of you needing some battery-powered assistance.